Sprint To Success - Share Success Challenge

As you start on your journey of growing your doTERRA business there are some fundamental steps that you can take to make this a successful venture. This system has been tested and proven to reduce the amount of time you spend in building your business and the time spent in training your business builders. If you take the time to go through each of the 12 steps and follow each one carefully, at the end of the 12 steps you should see a significant difference in your business. You will be armed with the tools and information necessary for continuing to build a successful business.

  • Ready to Really Grow??
  • Ready to Experience 75%+ Retention?
  • Stay on Track! Increase Accountability!
  • Earn Great Prizes!
  • The real prize is a strong, growing team. Increase connection and success as you share your progress with your leaders.

A new challenge starts every month (on the first Monday of the month).
February Launch Webinar (Recording): http://goo.gl/1n2joI
March Launch Webinar (Register): http://goo.gl/u6VnNN
Register for May Success Challenge Launch - Monday, May 5, 10 am MDT

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